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Charly and I

             Six o"clock in the morning- the alarm clock is blaring and I have to get up for my dog in order to take it for a walk. It is not a pleasure to get up that early especially during the winter when it is cold and freezy outside - but let me start my story at the beginning. .
             Since the year 2001, I am a proud owner of a Golden Retriever whose name is Charly. I purchased the dog at the age of 8 weeks from a local breeder who is very famous for his outstanding stud. Every member of my family was very enthusiastic about the new "child" in our house. Charly was soon everybodies darling; no wonder because he is really gorgeous. Even my grandfather who usually only likes dead animals in the fridge, liked him somehow. It was a dream of my childhood to have my own dog at some stage, and not only this dream became true, but also a lot of responsibility came with it. .
             I could have never imagined what it would mean to get such a little friend. Every dog is cute when it is young but after some weeks of cuddling all the time, you have to begin teaching it some things which are extremely necessary to live together happily. First of all, it has to learn that a carpet is not a good place for the everyday business, and that even if it is cold outside it should be able to control itself in any case. Self control also comes into my mind when I think about its behaviour towards other animals. At the beginning I always had trouble with Charly when we had to pass other dogs or some random cats on our daily walks through the neighbourhood. This was the reason why we took part in a "baby dog education lesson" once a week. It is like taking a little brother to kindergarden. Moreover I started to work with Charly on his behaviour everyday, soon he was able to sit down when told to and to bring several things I threw for him.
             Furthermore, as I am a student and my life is not very structured because of changing timetables every semester the dog provides the opportunity not to sleep until lunch, which would be a waste of time.

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