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Admissions essay

             At there is a classroom set aside for grade nine students who have behavioral and academic problems in any given course. It was here that I gained much of my teaching practice. It was an incredible experience to realize that not all students learn at the same pace. For one period everyday I would face a new challenge in making learning fun and more enjoyable for students with Attention Deficit Disorder and other academic difficulties. One of the more difficult challenges to overcome was working with students who experienced problems outside of the school community. I discovered that family life often affects the way such students perform academically. I was able to draw on my own experiences at home to help one student in particular. By coordinating advice with guidance counsellors, listening, and giving critical advice, I was able to help this young female to increase her academic average, as well as give her coping skills at home. .
             Being a member of student council has been critical in developing teaching skills such as organizational and motivational skills. A common job as an affiliate of the student government is fundraising for various charities. This year I coordinated QECVI's annual "Pennies for Tots" fundraising drive. As head coordinator, my responsibilities included reinforcing connections with local businesses, such as CHUM Radio Kingston and Brown's Fine Foods, motivating students to volunteer, and publicizing the event through local media. This past year's campaign was tremendously successful, raising over $1,900.00 - the highest amount in its nine year history! I believe that teamwork is another vital quality that a successful teacher demonstrates. I have learned that any council that wishes to be successful must be able to function as a team. As a member on our student council I have had the opportunity to assume roles both as a leader and collaborator to ensure that our goals are reached.

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