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College Admissions Essay-"Discuss a specific event"

            College Admissions Essay-"Discuss a specific event".
             At times life is like a runaway train that never stops. It turns and twists that has no end in sight. If there are tracks, the train will never stop, so head one direction. At times you could live your life to the fullest but one day it could all come to a halt. In simpler words, why does it always have to happen to you and not to anyone else? No one lives forever, like anyone else could say, but what do they know until it happens to them. The worst thing is how a person dies, and that was the case of my beloved grandfather who nurtured me to his last second.
             The thing that surprises me most, is what a wonderful man my grandfather was. He was once seen as a survivor in the concentration camps, but that brought him even closer to what life truly meant. From that second, he didn't waste a moment of his precious life. He understood life and the true happiness it could bring you one day. Not knowing the outcome was the best thing for him, and that is what saved our family from splitting our differences. .
             I can't say it more clearly of what he really stood for but one thing is for sure, he knew what he was doing. He moved our whole family from the life we once had, to the one that could fulfill our destiny to the unbreakable proportions. We once lived in the communist era of Russia and you know how life was up there. So one day my grandfather decided the best thing for us was to move to a land that had all the possibilities in one hand for you to reach in to. If not for him, I don't know what the outcome of my life would be like and how it might be different.
             It all happened so fast, like the blink of an eye but from that point on it all made sense to me. I was a little boy at that time and didn't know much, but what I saw amazed me not only physically but also emotionally. I saw what many people see, the American dream that at times brings you over the top.

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