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Great Gatsby

            The Great Gatsby is an excellent novel, which greatly depicts the roaring twenties, and what is was like during the Jazz age. The Great Gatsby was written by Scott Fitzgerald, an odd, interesting but greatly intelligent man, who wrote the popular book shortly after he married his wife Zelda. The novel describes the time period of which Fitzgerald was from and discusses the experiences of a character named Nick Carraway and the acquaintances he makes during the year that the novel takes place. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald describes and contrasts the difference between east and west egg, shows the separation of the upper class and provides some insight with the use of symbolism of color. .
             In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald describes and contrasts the two fictional peninsulas on Long Island known in the novel as east and west egg. Both east and west egg are areas of the upper class. East egg is the richer of the two areas. This is where Tom and Daisy Buchanan, two main characters from the novel, live. The east egg represents the old establishment and aristocracy. The west egg is the area where the newly rich live. This is where Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby, also two main characters, live. The west egg represents the new establishment and new wealth. East egg and the old establishment are very traditional. Everything has been past on through generations. Morale and tradition are key aspects of this society. The west egg is not quite a place of tradition. These people are of new wealth, are tacky, like to party and live life lavishly. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald is continuously showing how the two establishments do not mix. There are many examples of how the two establishments are contrasted and that Jay Gatsby and his long lost love, Daisy, can never be together for they are from different establishments. An example of Daisy and her old establishments negative outlook towards those of the new establishment is when Daisy comes to Gatsby's party and is not have a good time.

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