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            Man must have rules in order to control his savage side. William Golding brings out this theme in the novel Lord Of The Flies. A reader might think Lord Of The Flies is merely a simple adventure story of boys on a deserted island, but a deeper (look) will prove that this book is also an attempt to brace the deflects of civilization to the deflects of man. Golding's purpose is to prove that man must have rules in order to control his savage side. He is proving that rules are a necessity to the survival or a society and the existence of mankind. Although there is opposition to having laws, they are required for men to live amongst each other without complete and utter chaos.
             There are many characters in the story that helps prove how man's need for rules, for the control of his inner savage. Two such characters are Ralph and Piggy, each representing essential ideas that are the root for the civilization of a successful society. Ralph, a fair haired boy, represents civilization, organization and law. Fat, asthmatic, and visually disabled, Piggy represents intellect, reason and maturity. Depending on each other, Ralph and Piggy initially, were powerful, their influence reflected on the over all property and peace on the island. As the story progresses, Ralph's and Piggy's Level of influence deteriorates and eventually seizes to exist. As the effectiveness of democracy and laws decrease the chaos on the island becomes abundant. Thereby the laws in society can be based ineffectiveness of rules to blame the "beast" in men.
             In the beginning of the book everyone follows the rules, assemblies are called, the conch is used, and everyone lives in peace. Craving power, Jack soon becomes the antagonist and little by little defies the rules, due to the fact that no punishment is imposed when such rules are broken. This lawless behavior is exemplified when Jack brushes off his duties to go hunting. Ralph, responsible for carrying and enforcing the laws on the island, does nothing to punish Jack's recklessness behavior, this gives Jack the license to defy the rule.

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