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Compare and Contrast

            Celebrities Jennifer Aniston and Debra Messing have many similarities. From their achievements as performers to their style icon statuses, both women have proven to be hugely successful. Jennifer Aniston is perhaps one of the most successful comedic actresses in Hollywood. From starring in romantic comedies like Picture Perfect, to playing the heroine in dumb-funny movies like Along Came Polly, Aniston seems to have a special niche for making people laugh.
             Jennifer Aniston has won a plentitude of awards. Between an Emmy for "Outstanding Actress in a Comedy" in 2002 and a Golden Globe for "Actress in a Musical or Comedy Series" in 2003, it is obvious that the public has come to recognize her as a seasoned performer. Nonetheless, the actress has also gained fame through her reputation as a trendsetter. Because of her hairstyle, Jennifer Aniston has become the envy of girls across the nation. From America's first glimpse of her now legendary Friends shag to last year's sleek, modern bob, women everywhere have longed to have locks just like hers. However, Debra Messing is by no means pale in comparison. Over the years, she has taken home her fair share of awards, winning both a People's Choice Award for "Best Actress" in 2000 and an Emmy for "Outstanding Actress in a Comedy" in 2003. It is not difficult to see that her quirky character, "Grace", in the NBC smash hit series Will and Grace, has warmed the hearts of viewers. However, much like Aniston, Messing has quickly become one of television's most admired heads of hair.

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