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Virtual Reality

            Warren Robinett, a researcher and a commercial computer program developer, wrote an article called, "Electronic Expansion of Human Perception." Robinett talks about Virtual reality, a 3D video game that can be experienced by strapping a Head-Mounted Display to a human face. The Mounted Display has four applications. Such applications allow expansion of human senses and they allow people to track objects or locations by utilizing the available database. With the telepresence application, people can be in a remote location without actually being there, and with the micro-tele operation, people can sense themselves much smaller in size to be able to view very small objects. .
             Humans can sense the normal traditional senses and are able to feel or sense what the body is experiencing. However, the things which are invisible to the human senses can be observed with electronic devices. With electronic devices connected to the Head Display, people can be able to visualize the invisible phenomenon. The electronic components will amplify any lower level signal, the same way night-vision goggles work. Soon they are also able to see through the human body, for example, possibly seeing the living tissues. In the University of North Carolina, engineers have been developing new ways for displaying 3D ultra sound imaging. They are developing them for the purpose of medical use. The Head Mounted display senses things the same way we sense things or, for example, it can recognize which direction a noise is coming from, or sense radiation without really knowing how it looks like. .
             The Head Mounted Display also stores graphical data consisting of locations and information in the database. The data file registry gives locations of objects anywhere. When a red arrow is blinking, then this is the indication that the object is found, or approaching the object. People might have to choose which databases to use since many may exist in the future.

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