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A Good Critic

            Goals of a good critic- Midterm essay.
             Responsible criticism- aims for the fullest understanding and fullest participation possible.
             Participation with the piece- total immersion/ pleasure/ views it more than once. The artist becomes involve and "lost" in the experience.
             Form content perception- understands the form. Line, shape and color.
             Introspective/ Relativism- The critic must look outside their values to be able to judge a piece without prejudice.
             Good Critics find out as much about the artist form as possible in order to explain its meaning.
             Being a responsible critic is being at the height of awareness, examining a work of art in detail, establishing its content, and clarifying its achievements.
             A good critic is not one who is always negative.
             Everyone is already an art critic. Changing a television channel to look for something better or changing a radio station on your way to work implies a critical act.
             Three types of criticism.
             Descriptive criticism- This is to describe what we see in an art piece but not to say if it is good or bad. We concentrate on form by describing important characteristics in order to increase our understanding of part to part and part to whole interrelationships. Good critics call our attention to what we otherwise might have looked over in artistic form.
             Interpretive criticism- .
             Evaluative criticism-.
             What is a bad critic?.
             A bad critic would not give the means or techniques to help us ourselves become a good critic or understand a work of art.
             The critic would allow their own values or morals to interfere with their judgement of a piece of art.
             Essay parts.
             Conclusion- Art critics play a major role in the future of art. They have an obligation to the artist of the future be a responsible critic. If art were not present in our life, we would all be missing something. We would not be able to do the things that we love to do each day. The only way for us to express ourselves is through art, and the presence of art in the lives of today's society plays a big role.

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