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How various Federalist Papers tie into modern politics

            The Federalist Papers and their author's are strongly tied to the ideals and beliefs of our government, as well as the Constitution, today.
             Beginning in Federalist Papers 16 and 17 Hamilton exaggerates that we must preserve the country's overall tranquility. Tranquility can be conveyed through the certain beliefs of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. Both believed that tranquility or soundness could be obtained through life, liberty, and for Locke property and Jefferson the pursuit of happiness. Another theme expressed by Hamilton was that "no national government could be tolerated unless it had jurisdiction over the individuals in the states rather than over states in their corporate capacities- in Federalist 17. His argument continued by explaining the power of the head of that type of centralized nation was commonly too weak which is apparent in ancient feudal systems. This is very similar to the situation in England in 1215 when King John was chased down and forced to sign the Magna Carta which limited the monarch's power. That was only a beginning to a more localized government. Now, a written constitution was suggested and drafted. "It seems to require no pains to prove that the States ought not to prefer a national Constitution which could only be kept in motion by the instrumentality of a large army continually on foot to execute the ordinary requisitions or decrees of the government,"" was Hamilton's saying in Federalist 16. This is evident now because we have a written Constitution that was ratified in 1789. Hamilton explained that with a federal government the Confederacy would do its own biding, disregarding the federal government's operations. The government was given revisions which is more evident in later Federalist Papers.
             Madison, in Federalist 39, uses his "bold and radical innovation- method which is the root of dividing and sharing power between national and state governments.

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