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             Business entities in the United States have a diverse work force because the US has a diverse population. There are people who were born in various parts of the world, people whose ancestors were born in various parts of the world, people with varying physical attributes and people with varying religious beliefs. Diversity benefits business because the various backgrounds give rise to various perspectives. When engaging in business activities, different perspectives are very useful. When one person sees a situation, he may not see a resolution until he asks another for a perspective different from his own.
             Common problems.
             Although diversity is beneficial, it may also result in conflict. Conflict may arise from bias and prejudice or from a difference in communication styles. Ethnocentrism is often the foundation of bias and prejudice that leads to conflict. Ethnocentrism is the "idea that your own race, nation, group etc is better than any other." Conflicts may stem from negative preconceptions that a sender has about a receiver or a recover has about a sender. The bias may be prompted by gender differences, religious differences or cultural differences. The sender may not be aware that his gestures are offending a receiver and therefore does not realize he is in the midst of conflict.
             An example of problems that can occur in a situation where diversity is present is a story from an article written by Sydel Sokuvitz. .
             Fernandez-Aaroz (1999) tells of a joint venture involving a US-based telecommunications company that was seeking a CEO for its new division in Latin America. An international search was conducted and a veteran was hired: someone known as an effective strategist and marketing expert. "But his han lasted less than a year and was nothing short of a disaster. The simple reason was he lacked the two skills that job really required: negotiation and cross-cultural sensitivity.

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