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The day they come back

             The next attack will not be a huge explosion like a nuclear weapon. There will be many small explosions! The communists were pikers' compared to these pissed off Muslims. It was once said that the communists would never have to attack us from the shoreline, that they would infiltrate and take over from within. Thanks to "Ronald Ray-Guns" Zap-the cold war thawed out. The "commies" have taken a back seat to the radical Muslims that are intent on ending America's reign as a superpower. Somehow these radicals have come up with the bright idea that absolute self destruction in the name of Allah doesn't seem to hurt so badly. These individuals will explode themselves, children, clergy, elderly, buildings, busses, anything that becomes in the way of Jihad. (Holy War).
             Of course there will be chaos again. The hardest hit area last time was the airlines. Next time trains, planes and automobiles? Remember the power outage on the eastern seaboard last year? That was our fault, but sometimes I wonder if we need to be helping these guys with ideas. Ever hear of the novel Black Sunday? Why haven't they tried to use the plot of putting explosives into the gondola on the blimp? Lower the blimp right into the super bowl dome and detonate. Maybe even take out the "Prez" with it. We still have idiots that can run naked onto a football field in the middle of the most highly publicized and watched sporting event in the world. And no one sees this as a security risk? A young kid flew his plane into the side of a skyscraper without being intercepted. Many near miss incidents have come about in the form of tests, razor blades and box cutters found on jet airliners. The terrorist who mailed anthrax to Congress and other major news media has still not been caught yet.
             They should have hit us back to back; it would have taken us down for along time. We were crippled, and they let us back up, "major mistake.

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