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An Adventurous Day

             We could not wait any longer to jump straight in to the water and play in the waves. We had mountain climbed for eleven miles on an advanced trail that day and then drove 2 hours to the beach. The water looked so refreshing to our tired bodies. It was my first trip to North Carolina and two of my trip mates, Andrew and James, first time to the ocean. All of us were very eager to continue our day of adventure, even though our bodies might not have been.
             We had not anticipated driving all the way to the beach, so none of us were prepared. Quickly browsing the tourist shops, all four of us bought swimsuits and headed for the waves. Shortly after arriving, we were all in the water splashing each other and completely enjoying ourselves.
             I was floating on my back, looking into the sky and being grateful for the day as the waves started to get stronger. I was no longer able to relax on my back, for the waves started tumbling over my face. Not minding, body surfing was my new activity. It was hilarious watching the first timers trying to catch waves. Every time, with out fail, they would just sink and marvel at how I had such a comfort in the water.
             The clouds had slowly started to come in and chase the sun down. The waves continued to get stronger, but I did not mind. We played on for about forty-five minutes when I lost sight of Andrew. I franticly began swimming around in the waves to find him. Calling his name, I got view of his head in the distance. His wave signaled that he was fine. He frequently at the end of the day he liked to have time to himself and reflect, so I understood why he was distant. James, Amanda and I stuck close to shore, as the waves got more powerful. Amanda got out only a few minutes later because she was too tired to handle the waves. Nevertheless, we continued. James" body could no longer fight the waves either and within a few minutes, he tried to head in.

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