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            It is apparent to all of us that life is an obstacle in itself. Our goal is to get through all of life's troubles that are thrown at us and enjoy the good times that come, take nothing for granted and appreciate life itself. We also must focus on the present and forget about the past and future because we cannot change the past, and we are always aware of the fact the future will bring new challenges. The aforementioned thoughts are explained thoroughly in the song, "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" by Green Day. There is no way to stop time from passing by, but we can control time rather that it controlling us. In my opinion, Green Day does not provide a good definition of how we should define time. I think that we should manage our time, so that we can control our future rather than the future controlling us. .
             From the first line of the song "Another turning point another fork stuck in the road"(1), we learn that the poem is going to explain the author's view of time. When I first read these words a feeling of negativity passes through my mind because most of the time when transition occurs in our life there is a lost feeling in our mind. This lost feeling is then explained more thoroughly in the next group of words in the poem. When someone refers to a fork stuck in the road, the first thing that comes to my mind is struggle. It means that something got in the way, which caused the people to take another path. From experience, I know that switching paths and changing your goals and/or dreams, is not easy. .
             Throughout the poem, transition is used both lines and verses to show the true meaning of time in the song. Transitions in music are a single line or group of lines in the song that help reader to better understand the total meaning of the song. As we move to the second line, "Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go" (2), time is described in a new sense.

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