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American revolution

            When Britain passes taxes to raise funds necessary to keep peace between the American Settlers and the Native Americans, the settlers react a different way then expected. Many taxes were passed such as the Sugar Act or the Stamp Act. After these taxes were introduced, Colonists began to wonder why they are being taxed without representatives in Parliament. They soon after began to revolt and show signs of resistance. This was the beginning of the American Revolution.
             When the Stamp Act was passed by Britain in 1765, it resulted in resistance such as boycotting British goods. During this time the Stamp Act Congress was made and The Sons and Daughters of Liberty enforced the idea of no taxation without representation. After many years of being taxed without representatives the colonist began to grow angry. This movement introduced ideas of self-government. The Stamp act was soon repealed because of the boycott against British goods.
             Five years after the Stamp Act was repealed, a new tax appeared. This tax was called the Townsend Act. The Townsend Act was a tax on lead, paper, glass, and tea. When the colonist boycotted English goods because of this tax, Merchants were hurt badly. They complained to the king who at that time was King George III. The King repealed all the taxes except for the tax on tea. This went on for three years. The people who could not make their own tea simply switched to coffee.
             In 1773, Britain passed the Tea Act. The Tea Act was mainly proposed for saving Britain's East India Company from bankruptcy. The company did not have to pay the regular taxes which would soon lead them to become a monopoly. The Tea Act revived American passions about the issue of taxation without representation. Unlike earlier protest, this boycott mobilized large segments of the colonists. It also helped link the colonies together in a common experience of mass popular protests.

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