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Comparing Animal Farm and Farenheit 451

             Ray Bradbury's famous book, Fahrenheit 451, is well-known across the country. Bradbury tells a story of cencorship. The irony in Bradybury telling a story of cencorship is the fact that the book itself has become cencored. The theme of the story is cencorship and rebelling. The theme of Bradbury's story is extremely similar to George Orwell's book called Animal Farm. Orwell tells a story of animals overpowering their human farm-owner. The theme of Animal Farm is rebellion and revolution. The books can be eaisly compared. .
             In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury tells about courage. Montag, The main character in the story, has enough courage to defy the law because he does not understand it and he is not sure if it is even right for some of the books that he is burning, to be burned. In Orwell's Animal Farm, the story he tells is also one of courage. The animals in the story have to gather enough courage to go against their leader and take the risk of being killed. Squeeler, one of the pigs in the story, once said: "'Bravery is not enough, loyalty and obedience are more important(27).'" That statement is only one of many in the book that make the reader feel encouraged to stand up and speak out for what the reader belives is wrong. .
             Animal Farm, Along with Fahrenheit 451 makes the reader feel encouraged to rebel and defy authouity. In Animal Farm, Old Major gives a speech tp the other animals about rebelling against man and having their own revolution. At the end of his lengthy speech, he leaves the animals by saying, "'.all animals areequil.(4).'" When he says this, it gives the reader a sence of nationalism and makes the reader feel rebellious and unbeatable. In Fahrenheit 451, Montag steals some books instead of burning them. Everytime Montag goes against authority, the reader feels proud and strong because he is standing up for what he belives in.
             In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury warns the reader about what could happen in the future if we are not careful.

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