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Brandon's Clown by Wallace Armstrong

            Brandon's Clown by Wallace Armstrong is a short essay on his experience with his first commissioned painting. The process he goes through to complete his painting clearly depicts the three-stage process of writing. Also, the essay did a wonderful job of choosing a subject, analyzing the audience, and finding a purpose. .
             Wallace really agonized during his planning phase, trying to choose a subject. He wanted to please his audience, but he also wanted to stay true to his vision. Finally, after many sketches and ideas, he decided on a subject that suited him and his client. He figured that a clown would be lovely for a little baby, but just mysterious enough to fulfill his dark side.
             During his drafting period is when his work really started to take form. He stated, "Gradually, the clown's face began to emerge from a swirl of color." This is like when one can see his writing start to form on paper. When the clusters of thought turn to organized ideas, which turn into sentences and paragraphs. He was so excited that he couldn't stop. He was even skipping class because this was his best work ever.
             I would assume that the revision procedure of this story is when he figures out that the subject of his painting doesn't fit what the client, or audience, wants. He realizes that maybe what he had thought was appropriate, really wasn't for this situation. I like how he has a sense of humor throughout this. He says, "I will not be surprised if, twenty years from now, a deranged young man stops me in the street and smashes a clown painting over my head. I probably deserve worse.".

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