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             The pretty and cheerful girl Jem has just moved in with best friends Ralph and Smith. Jem is almost desperately looking for the man of her dreams and she hopes to find him here. This because she has a dream that keeps coming back to her. A dream of this flat; while she walks outside, she looks into the flat and sees a man sitting by the window - and then she feels this is him, the man of her dreams, her destiny. .
             While Ralph appears to be a shabby and unmotivated artist, she hopes that smooth and attentive Smith just might be the one. .
             But Ralph suddenly realizes he's head over heels in love with Jem, the most fun and sensible girl he's ever met. Unfortunately, Smith, has already won Jem's affections - although Smith has not entirely given up his passion for the femme fatale, Cheri, the beautiful but detestable bitch who is not really concerned with anyone but herself, who lives upstairs. .
             In the flat above, Karl, a newly successful London rush-hour DJ, and Siobhan have been happily unmarried for fifteen years. Siobhan can't have children and is not so happy with life, so she eats and eats and turns into "the fat girlfriend". Karl never makes any comments about this, and tells her that she is beautiful and that he will always love her. However, Karl is having an affair with Cheri. He dumps her, but it's too late to safe his relationship with Siobhan and they break up. In the meanwhile, Jem and Ralph become close friends and start to feel "warmer things" for each other. .
             All of this get sorted out when Ralph throws a party: Smith announces that he's in love with Cheri for over 5 years now, Ralph and Jem get together and Siobhan tells Karl she has a new lover (and they become friends again anyway).

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