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            Globalization is the process of combining different aspects of heritage and enabling a culture to benefit from the transformation of their culture with the new. Trade has a serious impact on globalization. Trade fluctuates throughout economic hardships. Even in an economic slump, the United States finds itself in a position to continue increasing trade because other countries want to be able to globalize and become part of free trade with the United States. Contrary to belief that globalization hurts the world, it actually helps create jobs, expand the global market, and also spreads opportunities to other countries by offering free trade between groups of countries. Iraq is a large topic in current trade issues, which will be mentioned later in this paper. Trade is a major factor in extending these opportunities to less fortunate countries. Therefore, the evolution of globalization is progressing in full strength and continues in the modern world as a reality with the help of trade.
             David Hubka, who is quoted in the book Global Culture, said he would consider the implication of globalization for employment and wages of low-skilled workers, and for trade and regulatory policy, such as labor standards. This translates to the possibility of significant improvements in various countries" economies that have showed success from globalization. It later mentions in the book that only he would consider these implications if had they showed such improvements in some third world and less fortunate countries. With support like this to his comments, it shows that globalization is on the move.
             Electronics are a huge way to integrate economies together (Crane, Kawashima, Kawasaki 215). The television in particular has allowed in the past century many opportunities of entertainment. The excitement and interest found internationally in the television has lead the entire world to desire such a material object.

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