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             It is considered the most eastern country so it is nick-namedThe Land of the Rising Sun?. Japan is very rich in language, culture, and fashion.
             The Japanese language is very different from the English language. There are two different types of Japanese: Katakana and Hiragana. Hiragana is the older version. It has symbols and words meaning things likebuilding? orstream. Katakana is the newer version of language. It has words and symbols for things likehamburger? orcell phone?. Such things are things that weren't around when Hiragana was formed. There are also kanji, which are the writings of symbols, like letters in the English language.
             Japan is very updated with electronics. In present day their island isfull of extremely tall buildings everywhere, like New York City here. You can't walk around without seeing passerbies with a cell phone in one hand. Japan is pretty well off economic wise. Japan is also known in the video game industry for Nintendo (which is Japanese forlet light show the way?). Toyota is, of course, a Japanese company for cars. .
             You can see a variety of clothing in Japan. The youth are usually wearing bright colors with platform shoes and usually have all sorts of different colored hair like bleach, red, or even blue, purple, or green! A fashion calledganguro? is quite popular with teens in Japan in present day. Ganguro is a style where you have very darkly tanned skin and wear white makeup. Usually girls wear the ganguro look. The teenage boys usually have crazily colored hair with spikes.
             While the teenage youth in Japan where very outrageous clothing and fashion, is it also common to see older women wearing kimonos. These are like dresses with long baggy sleeves and require to wear a belt to keep it closed. Kimonos date back several hundred years when Japan was in it's dynasty era. .
             Geishas are also and interesting sight to see. Geishas are Japanese women dressed in kimonos with faces painted white and blood-red lip stick who are basically entertainers for Japanese men.

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