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How to Help People Stop Smoking

            Contents .
             c) What can people in primary care do?.
             d) Are there any pharmacological interventions?.
             e) Conclusion.
             f) References.
             Objectives - To describe and explore the different approaches to smoking cessation in Primary care. Based on research and policies we look at some of the most effective ways available to the primary care team to deal with the issue.
             Design - Analyzing cessation methods available using research from sources including articles, policies, books and the Internet including Medline.
             Results - Various methods are available to aid smoking cessation. Motivation of the patient seems to be the most important factor, although this is difficult to measure. There are also pharmacological interventions available, which have been proven to increase cessation rates.
             Conclusion - It is important that there is a structured programme in place with continued support and encouragement. The most successful programmes come when different intervention methods are used in conjunction and not in isolation.
             Introduction .
             Tobacco smoking causes about 13,000 deaths in Scotland each year, making smoking the single most preventable cause of premature mortality and ill health . According to W.H.O. Statistics the picture is similar worldwide where approximately 4 million people die annually from smoking related diseases. .
             In Scotland about 34% of the population smoke and of these half will die premature of a smoking related disease. Smoking is a major aetiological factor for lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease, as well as causing many other diseases. .
             The current cost to the NHS of treating such patents currently stands at £1.7 billion per year.11 As a result, smoking was made an NHS priority in the government policy "Health Education in Scotland - 1991- and "Scotland's Health - A challenge to us all - 1992-.

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