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United Nations

             In 1945, the United Nations (UN), an international organization of countries, was founded. The UN did many things to help maintain world peace after WWII. It helped to develop good relations between countries and helped to solve global problems. The UN has proved to be a success, and I feel it will continue to be successful.
             The first successful peacekeeping mission of the UN was in 1956, the Suez Canal Crisis. The Suez Canal crisis was when France, Israel, and England attacked Egypt. The UN acted as a buffer between the opposing sides. The first time a world organization took part in a fighting war was when the UN intervened in the Korean War in the 1950's. The UN forced the communists of North Korea to withdraw from South Korea. The UN aided Korea by sending troops and supplies to help. On July 27, 1953, North Korea and the UN signed a cease-fire agreement and the communist troops were expelled. .
             In 1965and presently, the UN monitored breaches to the peace in India and Pakistan. They monitored the ceasefire and helped ease tensions and prevent military escalation along ceasefire in Kashmir. The Un monitored breaches in ceasefire, which led to withdrawal of Indian and Pakistani troops in 1966. The UN has also helped in creating a free country. In 1989helped achieve a peaceful withdrawal of the South African troops form Namibia. They demobilized South African forces, won release of prisoners and held free and fair elections. The UN helped to create a new and independent government in Namibia. .
             Presently, the UN is helped to deter violence in Iraq and Kuwait. They monitored the withdrawal of armed forces, provided technical assistance to the United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Boundary Demarcation Commission, and assisted in the relocation of Iraq citizens from Kuwait to Iraq.
             Another program that provides technical expertise and promotes economic development to developing countries is the United Nations Development Program.

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