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            The book opened with an anonymous man living in Brazil under an unknown name. Patrick Lanigan, now known as Danilo Silva, was living a normal life, not making a big deal about the ninety million dollars he had stolen from his ex-law firm two years ago. Danilo is wanted by his ex-law firm buddies, his client from whom he stole the money, and from the FBI. The people that want him the most were the men hired by the client that lost the ninety million, and they were the ones he was afraid of. He knew if the FBI found him he"d be busted, but also safe, if the other thugs found him, he was dead, all they cared about was the money. One day while he was jogging Danilo is kidnapped and taken to a place where he is tortured with electricity and other devious objects. The FBI received a tip that Patrick Lanigan had been captured, and when the FBI found this team of hitmen, and took Patrick, he had already received burns on his skin and charred his flesh. When Danilo returns to his home town, he once again is Patrick Lanigan, and is forced to face up to all the things he has done in his past. The first thing he does is he gets himself a good lawyer, one he knew from his first life, an old buddy from college. A judge friend, the one who spoke at his funeral, also came to visit Patrick in the hospital to visit and take him pizza. Patrick was suspecting many things before he left so he had several private detectives gather information on his ex-wife and how she was spending the insurance money with her new drug-dealing boyfriend. With out Patrick's strategy and his lawyer's skills, he would have remind in jail, awaiting the death penalty. In the end Patrick walks away a free man, with only with debts in lawyer's frees. .
             OPINION: The Partner was great because the suspense was high. You keep thinking, "Who are these people Patrick has working for him?" When you find out, you may be disappointed.

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