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Lord of the Flies

             "There is a great deal of commotion and the last page is nothing more than a playwright's contrivance for bringing down the certain, One is left asking: What was the point?" .
             There are many perspectives one could look at this quote from L.J. Halle. After the ending of Lord Of The Flies, people wonder did Willam Golding just close the door on his book and leave it be? Or was the book made to just end the reader's journey of the boys on the island. .
             This quote alone can clearly bring up some good contiversal arguments to the ending of Goldings novel. The aspects of the book were phenomenal, unfortunately the conclusion is unfortunately horribly written. .
             One could argue that the ending has various different meanings, "British boys-you"re all British, aren't you? (Golding.202) Would have been able to put up a better show than that" a mysterious British officer appears before Ralph ending his hunters" pursuit thus sparing his life in the act, "We saw your smoke. And you don't know how many of you there are?"(Golding 202) the burning down of the island can symbolize many different perspectives, could Golding have just wanted to end the book by burning down the island? The reader would also look at it as a symbol to the world; the burning of the island could symbolize the destruction going on in the outside world, thus giving the reader a menacing concept of what humans are like without rules being obeyed. " He tuned away to give them time to pull themselves together: and waited, allowing his eyes to rest on the trim cruiser in the distance." (Golding 207) the officer scolded the boys for causing such destruction and behaving immaturely, quite the hypocrite as he glares at his cruiser that can cause's greater destruction within the real world war.
             There are many symbolic meanings within the final chapter that if thought upon can be distinguished clearly to the reader. The children are placed into a situation where they had the ability to do anything they wanted and get away with it, stripped from their parents, robbed of their rules, they had total freedom to choose what they deemed was right.

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