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             Summer is obviously my favorite part of the year. There's no school, its awesome weather all the time, you get to chill with your friends whenever you want, and no matter where you go, there are always girls there, and every teenage boy knows that summertime girls are the best. However this summer was no ordinary summer and things don't always go exactly like you"d plan. I think you all know what I mean.
             The summer of 2002 started out like any other summer except I had a girlfriend named Patsy. My friends and I would go out to Millers pond almost everyday, as long as it was nice we would all be swimming. For the most part June was a pretty normal month for me I turned 17 on June 7th and still didn't have my license so I worked really hard to get my license, because for my 17th birthday my Mom and Dad bought me my second car a 1987 Pontiac Firebird. It was a beautiful car and very fun, My other car was a 1969 mustang fastback. It was just a classic car for me and my dad to fix up. June ended pretty well then.
             So I had a job lined up to work in a warehouse for Don Bowers he's a local Rye grass farmer in Harrisburg, I was really looking forward to that. So it was July 3rd and I was looking forward to spending the 4th of July with my girlfriend and she calls me the night of the 3rd and tells me that she wanted to take a break from things. Then I found out that she cheated on me and that's why she wanted to take a break from things, So just like the U.S. got there freedom on July 4th she decided to give me my independence I"ll never think of the 4th of July in the same way again. So of course I was crushed and wanted to forget about it so on the 4th I went and partied with all of my friends and they helped me forget all about her. I actually got over her pretty quick and I haven't looked back since. It was now July 6th and time for me to start working out at the warehouse, so my first night that I was working there I went up stairs to sweep the warehouse out and I rode the pulley elevator up to the top so I swept the top and when I tried to come back down it wouldn't budge I asked everybody for help to get it down except for Toby.

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