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A Room With A View

             A ROOM WITH A VIEW .
             This is a film based on the novel by E. The film tells the story of a young, innocent, english girl - Lucy Honeychurch- who begins to blossom when she travels to Florence with her cousin and chaperon, Charlotte Bartlet. .
             Problems arise at the very beginning of the story when Lucy and Charlotte arrive at the Pensione Bertolini, expecting two south rooms, close together, with a view of the Arno, and instead they are given simple north rooms, long way apart, looking into a courtyard. "This is not at all what we were led to expect" says dismal Mrs. Bartlet. .
             Mr. Emerson, an English tourist, and his son George - who had a view - offer the ladies to change rooms since they do not appreciate or value the fact of having a view. At that time, this kind and gentle offer was regarded with suspicious eyes by the narrow-minded society, therefore Charlotte, sensing the men's bad intentions, refuses to accept it. Lucy, on the contrary, thinks this action beautiful even though it is not delicate. And this is what will happen all throughout the story: Lucy will have a conflict within herself where she will have to struggle against the values of society at that time and the different and new feelings, emotions, ideas, desires, fantasies she begins to experience and at the same time she rejects.
             The film was produced by Ismail Merchant, and directed by James Ivory. Both of them have created a really brilliant piece of art, which adjusts perfectly to Forster's novel. It is awfully common to go and see a film based on a wonderful book one has read, and come back completely disappointed or upset with what they have done with it. But, let me tell you this is not at all the case. I do belive this film is as good as the book.
             As regards the actors, they have accomplished a successful and superb work, especially the main ones: Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Lucy Honeychurch, and Julian Sands, George Emerson.

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