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a room with a view

             Beebe in the first part of the novel.
             Beebe, an English clergyman, is an extremely kind and honest man. He was at the Pensione Bertolini when Lucy and her cousin Charlotte travelled through Italy. When the two ladies arrived at the Pensione, they were extremely disappointed as their rooms didn't have a view. The Emersons offered to swap rooms but Charlotte didn't want to agree on that until Mr. Beebe interfered. Throughout the entire part which is set in Florence, Mr. Beebe is a kind "centre" where all the other guests of the Pensione meet. He is- one can say- the only character who doesn't mind any other person who stays at the Bertolinis and therefore he's the one who arranges venues (e.g. the drive in the hills) to make the stay of all the guests unforgettable. Without Mr. Beebe, Lucy would never have got to know George as Charlotte wanted to change pension the day after the "bad discovery" of the views. Mr. Beebe accompanies Lucy throughout her whole stay in Florence; he guides Lucy and believes in her. It's due to Mr. Beebe that Lucy spent time with George and that she got to see some kind of "real Italy" (her shopping- tour, the murder,.).
             In my eyes, Forster wanted Mr. Beebe to be the wisest character in the play as his inner thoughts are more sophisticated than the ideas of the other figures. Therefore, he lets Mr. Beebe mention a very important statement which concerns Lucy. He says "If Miss Honeychurch ever takes to live as she plays, it will be very exciting- both for us and for her." This comment becomes the reader's hope for Lucy; Forster wants the readers to recognize that to live life well is within the grasp of anyone, despite the prejudices and proprieties of one's world. Mr. Beebe realizes (as one of the only persons) that music puts Lucy in touch with her desires and feelings, although the clergyman can't understand passion.
             Reverend Beebe -as Mr.Eager 's foil-, he is compliant, "soft" in his ways, and sensitive.

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