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Perspective of Man

            Human lifestyles have evolved through various periods of revolutions that enhanced the standard of life. Early man was hunters and gatherers so they followed the herds of animals they relied on for food. With this lifestyle the establishment of permanent villages could not be developed. About 10,000 years ago, man discovered that if they could domesticate the animals they hunted and began to raise them they would be able to insure the survival of their families by always having food. In this era, it was also discovered that if the seeds of the plants were buried they would grow. By segregating an area of land for this practice and provide water and nutrients this would also add stable food sources. By taking away, the reason to move so frequency the population of the world began to dramatically increase and the mortality rate for the people also rose. The people began to establish villages with better structures for housing. This was the birth of the Neolithic Revolution. Another revolution arrived a thousand years later. The Industrial Revolution involved the ability of man to develop machinery and better tools that enhanced the way of life. Factories were built and produce were able to produce in mass quantities. With all these changes, the population of the world swelled and all insured a better way of life. With all these technological advances, everything was not all roses. Man's dependence on the natural resources and the development of fossil fuel has caused some adverse effects on the world. Pollution and waste have become a major problem for the world. The by products of the factories have not been an asset for man and has caused irreversible damage. A change in the attitude and the way we are living is needed to protect the earth. The term we associate with this change is an Environmental Revolution.
             The biogeochemical cycle for carbon starts with the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air and bicarbonate (HCO3) in the water.

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