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The Great War

             Most people believed that the 20th century would be one of progress and peace, but WWI shattered this belief. The war started for a couple of reasons, and there was technological involvement from both the front and the homeland sides. However, some results came through the Versailles treaty. .
             The Great War started for a couple of reasons. The incident with Gavrio killing Franz Ferdinand and wife Sophie started arguments between Germany and Russia. This made Germany want to come in and find out about the deaths and therefore suspend any anti-Austrian associations. Now that the Russians were given time, the Germans decided to go into France, who along with Britain was allied with Russia, and attack by going through Belgium. Belgium had decided to stay a neutral country and would not let them by, so a battle was broken out and when the Germans had used up all their weapons and supplies, Belgium surrendered. Germany proceeded to France, and because of the alliances the countries had made, because two countries went into fighting, that brought all the other countries into fighting. The Germans made three mistakes that led them to a bad time in the war. They didn't think they would need as many weapons, they underestimated the Russians, and they didn't think about Belgium resistance. .
             There was technological involvement from both sides. They had many pistols, machine guns, some armored cars, some heavy artillery and some tanks. They had many things available to them, and when they got new ideas, they would take them and try to improve on them. The tanks did not work too well in the Great War because it wasn't as advanced, it went slow and could not cross broad trenches, but it became very popular in World War II. .
             Many results came from the Versailles Treaty. The war ended on November 11th of 1918. On January 18th of 1919, the Big Four Allied heads of state, Georges Clemenceau of France, David Lloyd George of Britain, Woodrow Wilson of the United States and Vittorio Emanuele Orlando of Italy met in Paris to discuss the treaty terms and what to do about Germany.

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