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Wind under Power

             It is surrounds us in different forms, such as light, heat, and electricity. Our bodies use energy stored in carbohydrates and protein to move, breathe, grow and think. Mankind has built and invented millions of machinery to use energy, to make our daily lives much easier and satisfying. The most two common forms of energy are heat and electricity. Heat is the energy of moving particles in any substance. Electricity is the energy of electrons moving along the conductor. Besides the use of heat and electricity other types of forms of energy are used in our daily lives. They can either be renewable or non-renewable sources of energy (http://www.re-energy.ca/t-i_renewablebasics.shtml, Jan.23). .
             Wind energy is renewable energy! It provides a more helpful way to keep the atmosphere cleaner and disease free. The wind has been used by humans for thousands of years, to carry ships across seas, and the invention of windmills. A new generation has evolved throughout time with nature and brought the invention of the WINDMILL (http://www.re-energy.ca/t-i_renewablebasics.shtml, Jan.23).
             Since the ancient times, mankind has use the power of wind to harness fields which provided motive power for transportation. We are unsure where and when these windmills originated from, but it is said that it has originated from the Persia and throughout Northern Europe during the Crusades. European millwrights became skilled craftsmen, developing the technology of windmill production, and as they set off colonizing in the other regions, windmills spread in large numbers throughout the world. It is said that windmill design has been originated from Dutch and British, whole developed extensive types of "automatic" control mechanisms. Unfortunately, as technology arose the importance of windmills declined (http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/1001/windhist.htm, Nov. 2003). .
             As steam power developed, wind power and windmills became more less and less economic, and as of today we are left with only a small portion of working windmill structures throughout the world.

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