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A manual Transmission

             It's the speed and power changing part of the car that is installed at some point between the engine and the driving wheels of the car. The transmission changes the ratio between the engine revolutions per minutes. And they need to withstand each other particular driving situation. If there weren't a transmission inside of the car it would be very slow and noisy. It could also put straining on the engine parts. To be able to get a smooth start and have the power that you would want to look good in front of friends or anyone u should use a car with a manual transmission. There gears that's inside the transmission that fulfill these requirements. .
             The car needs torque; torque is the turning or the twisting effort. The gasoline engine does not attain the full potential of the full power that it should be giving. The gear inside of the transmission gives the engine power to the drive shaft driver to select which gear to go into. A manual transmission shouldn't be confused with an automatic transmission it switches the gears a on its own while with the manual you have a stick column to change the on its own. Also an automatic uses a hydraulic pressure and sensing devices to shift the gears. There's a fluid coupling instead of a dry friction clutch.
             There are certain parts or the main parts operate by the clutch that turns the gears inside. The transmission gears provide a means of changing the output torque and speed leaving the transmission. For the locking and unlocking gears there is a device called a synchronizers for devices for the meshing or locking gears into engagement. Shift forks are pronged units for moving gears or synchronizers on their shaft for gears engagement.
             There are two types of shift linkages used on manual transmissions. They are the external rod and the internal shift rail. They both perform the same function. They connect the shift lever with the shift fork mechanism.

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