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Major Paper

            In the works which were discussed in class, many characters often found themselves forced to journey somewhere because of certain events which happened in their story. The three characters, of which I will be discussing, all were forced one way or another to go on a journey whether they wanted to or not. By looking at Christopher from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, The Baker from Into the Woods, and Raymond Babbage from Rainman, I will discuss how each of these characters journeys affected them as well as how their journey changed them, whether it be for good or bad.
             In the novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time the main character, Christopher is left with no other choice but to seek out hsi mother in London. The reason being, because his father had lied to him, and that scared Christopher emmensly. He felt as if his father did not love him anymore because he told Christopher that his mother was dead. He told him this because his mother had an affair with a neighbour, and he knew Christopher would not understand, so he was just trying to protect him but Christopher did not know that his fathers actions were never meant to hurt his him. In any case Christopher set off to London to seek out his mother. This was a very big task for young Christopher because for one, he did not know his way to his mothers house. Secondly Christopher is autistic and that makes it very difficult for him to communicate with strangers to help him with directions so he pursues his journey on his own, and with very little help. On this journey Christopher realizes that he is now alone. He has no one, except his mother to comfort him. He is out of routine now that he is not at home, and for Christopher routine is very important. This scares Christopher, but at the same times builds his character because he knows he is alone, and that there is no one to help him, so he builds up the courage and continues his journey.

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