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             I associate it with embarrassment and shame. I was a late reader; I started at the age of six. I remember trying desperately to memorize words on flash cards my teacher used. The next year I had a great teacher who strongly encouraged reading in her classroom. She created conducive reading environment. My peers and I would compete to read to the class. That was the last year I can remember enjoying reading. Throughout grades three to nine I would try my best not to be chosen to read in class. Although I did not read much as a child, I was always able to express myself well through any medium. I found writing particularly easy but I would not address the reasons I found reading such a problem. I am still not sure why it is such a problem. I feel overwhelmed and pressured when I read and I fear that I will find out that I have a learning disability. Now that I am getting older and trying to address these issues, I realize the importance literacy has in life. It not only allows you to express yourself better, it also allows you to get into the mind of many writers and acquire knowledge on any topic. Although illiteracy is not common, especially in Toronto, the levels at which people are literate strongly influences their success in life. This is not to say that one who is illiterate cannot be successful, but the opportunities are not as readily available. This is one of the major reasons I would like to overcome my reading complex. I hope that by the end of this year I will be a competent reader and move on gracefully to university. .

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