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Samuel Adams

            Samuel Adams was born in Quincy, Massachusetts September 22, 1722. He was born in the same neighborhood as John Hancock, so he obviously wasn't born into a poor environment. He was born the son of a brewer, and his cousin was the president John Adams. His bloodline traces back to the first colonists to arrive in America. He surely played a large part in fighting for Americas independence, he often spoke out at Boston town meetings and congresses. He was a very influential man, the people of Boston listened to him, and his organization, The Sons Of Liberty, acts were known well around the colonies. Sam Adams was a complete patriot if nothing else, he dedicated his life to the cause of liberty. He fought British tyranny, for example, he was appointed the tax collector of Boston, and somehow managed to loose large sums of British money. Sam was never afraid to speak very liberally about how he felt about the British, he was the type of man who could hold peoples attention when he spoke to them, and he would definitely use this to his advantage, after the Boston massacre a meeting of the citizens of Boston was held, Sam was the first to address the crowd, he stated that only the immediate removal of the British troops from Boston would alone satisfy Adams" insulted and offended townsmen, and that if they (the British soldiers) were not(removed from Boston) , he, and he alone must be answerable for fatal consequences, which it required no gift of prophecy to predict must ensue. With the help of Sams words, the governor consented for the removal of troops, so by the helping hand of Sam, further hostilities in Boston were for a longer time suspended. Because of incidents such as these the popularity of Sam rapidly increased. Despite his popularity, Sam was quite poor. This was a commonly known fact. The British attempted to use this fact to their advantage, on several occasions, they tried to bribe Sam, or offer him positions of power.

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