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The Teaching Process

             There is a process that people experience in order to accomplish something adequately. Every process involves steps that a person endures in order to complete that particular task. For example when undergoing the teaching process there are many different steps that are done. .
             The first step in the teaching process is motivation. Motivation is the act of providing somebody with a will to carry out something. The teacher has to want to teach and try to find a way to motivate the people, which are being educated to want to learn. If the teacher doesn't try to obtain the attention of the person that he or she is teaching the teacher will have a harder time of making his or her point to the person being taught. Another step that must be done in the teaching process is defining the terms. A term is the language used in a certain subject. For example nouns, adjectives, part of speech, protagonist, antagonist, setting, characters, and point of view are some of the terms used in English. Terms are defined in order to help the person that is learning to understand and know what the teacher is talking about.
             The next step in the teaching process is to demonstrate. The teacher would prove his or her teachings by illustrating and explaining specifically with many examples. For example if the teacher is teaching somebody how to solve a math problem the teacher would first show him or her an example of how to achieve the right answer to the problem. Then the teacher would move on to the next step of the process, which would be to have them practice what they have been shown. Practicing helps the person being taught learn how to perform the steps needed in order to solve the problem. The more a person practices the better he or she will become at the task at hand.
             While practicing the individual learning starts the next step of the process by asking questions about anything in which is not understood.

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