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Recognition of good and evil Qualitty

            Recognition of Good and Evil Quality.
             To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, is number #41 on the banned book list. It discovers the ethical nature of human beings. There seems to be no meaningful reason to ban this book as it has a good teaching behind it. When it was challenged in Eden Valley, Minn in 1977 and temporarily banned due to words such as "damn" and "whore lady" used in this novel, the book was quoted as a " filthy, trashy novel." Moving on, it was later challenged at the Warren, Ind Township schools (1981) because it " psychologically damages the positive integration process" and " represents institutionalized racism under the guise of "good literature." Then stood in line book banners from Warrkegan III School District (1984) because of the use of the word "nigger," in the Kansas City Mo. Junior High School (1985) because it " contains profanity and racial slurs," in Casa Grande, Ariz Elementary School District (1985). Black parents began protesting because of the racial themes in the book. All the reasons stated above are examples of criticisms of this book. To Kill A Mockingbird is # 41 on the banned books list. .
             Decisions of censorship are often based on public opinions even if majority of the public don't actually support this decision. Likewise, the banning of Mockingbird wasn't just a decision based on one complaint. There was also some evidence used to support the arguments of the parents who protested against this book. Some of the major reasons why the book was claimed as inappropriate were because of the words " damn" and "whore lady" and particularly because of the use of the word "nigger" repeatedly in the book. But if people read the book carefully, they would surely mark some of the good lessons and understandings the characters in the book give us such as Atticus"explanation of bad language his children sometimes use. He quotes, "Bad language is a stage all children go through and it dies with time when they"re not attracting attention with it.

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