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             There are many diseases in the word today, but one of the most common disease is Cancer. Cancer is also one of the worst disease. I can't tell you how bad it is to have, but i can only imagine. There are many types of Cancer. Many people get Cancer every day over 1,000,000 people are dignost with Cancer each year. There are also more than one type of tumore.
             Some types if cancer are; Carcinoma, Sarcoma, Leukemia, and Lymphomas. There is also breast Cancer, witch I have heard is very painful. A mom and grandma of a very good friend of mine have been dignost with breast cancer. It's a very scary thing and no one likes to hear about it, but we have to because it could be us some day. There are certain tumors that you can get such as; Benign, Malignant, metastasize, and Metastease.
             Cancer is very uncontrolable becasue it is a spread of cells. Even though there are thing that you can do to get raid of Cancer it is still very hard and not common to get raid of it becasue it has such a powerfull affect. There are many ways that you can get cancer for example, you may get it from, genetic abnormalities, nutritional disorders and many other ways as well.
             Some syptoms of cancer may be; unusual bleeding or discharge,.
             a sore that doesnt hear correctly, or a persistent cought and thats only a few. If you think you may have Cancer then it's best to find out as soon as posible because Cancer spreads very fast. One cell in your body might be Cancer. That one cell can become two and though two cells might become four and so on and so on. So you see Cancer is very dangerious.
             Another name for this disease might be "silent killer". That name was made to give everyone a little warning to try to prevent having it. Doctors try to see a paitiant that has Cancer every few months just to see how they are and help it befor it becomes any worst. No one really knows how people might accualy get Cancer, they think that it because if certain things but thats why they ask you to come and tell them your syptoms as soon as possible.

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