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            Feeling that you have nowhere left to turn, that the pain building up inside of you will make you burst, and always having that unsatisfied feeling rumbling in your body. That is, until you feel that you can take your pain into your own hands, but hurting yourself so much that your pain seems to "flow" out from deep within. Self mutilation is not suicide, but an attempt to keep yourself alive. Many believe that only cutting is used, but there are many more ways that people use to force pain onto themselves. (Essortment page one) The emotional pain that can build up inside of even the happiest person can be truly unbearable, and to have that power over yourself can be addicting because you are being your own god for that few minutes everyday. Abusive behaviors are very common in all age groups, and all genders are affected. Mainly teenagers use this to cope with there many frustrations, but people all the way up into there late 60's are affected as well. But females are far more likely then males to use this, and have a large likely hood to either have or get an eating disorder. Many times a person will stop there abuse all together and start bulimia or anorexia for a period of time. This is used to "cope" with many of life's frustrations, by drowning there fears and sorrows into themselves. When people see that they have no way out, and trying to keep themselves alive. Self mutilation is not a suicide attempt, but a way to keep themselves alive by trying to control there emotions. (Essortment page one).
             Abuse to the body is not only in the form of cutting, but there are many others. There is carving into ones skin; in the form of a design or symbol. Scratching your arms or body until there it is deep enough to bleed or make painful. Branding the surface of the skin with a lighter or other hot article. Biting into the skin with teeth. Hitting and braking bones, while trying to make it look like an accident.

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