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            Positive leadership is made up of many important .
             organized help to maintain a good positive image, .
             which is part of being a good role model. When .
             working in a group, it is important to have a .
             leader who can take charge by being outgoing and .
             inclusive of everyone's ideas. A leader should .
             have knowledge of the task they are undertaking .
             and follow through with their goals. Being .
             creative is another positive quality because it .
             stimulates productive behavior in others. A .
             leader in a negative situation is one who would .
             stick up for what is right no matter what peer .
             pressure is put on them. When I think of positive .
             leadership I think of getting things accomplished .
             with a minimum of rancor. There are many .
             opportunities to be a leader in the National .
             Honor Society, and I hope by being a member this .
             is one of the things I can accomplish.
             I took on a leadership role when I worked .
             at a camp this past summer. Training was an .
             important aspect of my preparation to work with .
             children at this camp. They taught us to .
             encourage positive behavior and participation in .
             all of the activities by the children. They also .
             taught us how to handle kids who misbehave. I .
             found that to lead a group of children you must .
             come prepared daily with your primary and backup .
             plan. We also had to know how to improvise when .
             weather changed or a planned activity didn't turn .
             out as anticipated for the group. By being a .
             positive role model these kids looked up to me, .
             listened to what I had to say and respected my .
             leadership. This was an experience which I have .
             learned a great deal from and hope that I can .
             continue to make a positive influence on anyone I .
             work with in the future. .

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