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            The media plays a big part in the world today. Enough so it has become a problem in some trial cases. The media butts in on a trial and spills information and then they have a hard time picking a jury to be involved in the case. I think the media should most definitely be controlled, we aren't just talking about another court case, we are talking about people's personal lives, I mean you wouldn't want it on the news that you just left this hotel to go to this motel, now why would the famous people want that. .
             The media is usually one sided. If the media even wants to get involved in a case then they should show both sides, so that the public can make there own decision on the matter. There opinions matter but they should do like we have to do and put a yeah but in there story. Then the public wont have a set thing drilled into there minds about what is happening. .
             Another reason why the media should be controlled is to protect the jurors on high profile cases, because if information gets out about the jurors then they could be in danger. A lot of people out there still think that the jurors that let OJ Simpson go were crazy. .
             It is also hard for people to get a fair trial if there is too much publicity, the media jumps right in there to get everything they can about the case, so that they can stay in high ratings. Then the person on trial can't have a fair trail because too many people already formed there opinions on what is going on. That is also an issue with finding jury members.
             A lot of people may say that the media does need to be controlled; on account of we need to know information about what's happening in the world around us. I'm not saying that there should be no media at all; I"m just that they take it a little to far. .
             So in my opinion, the media should be controlled, especially when it comes to situations like this. I mean would you want your business printed and told all over the world in every language.

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