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            The influence of media on the society. It is a problem that can be discussed in many ways. The media affects everybody, especially young children. One thing is to set rules for advertising aimed on youngest viewers, and put more censorship on daytime TV. But the most important is to instruct people to take care of their children. To guard what they watch in TV, what movies they are watching and so on. .
             I think news companies can also stretch stories a little too far, such as snow storms, the war with Iraq, and the church crisis which they are still talking about today. An example of this would be the time the news told everyone in the U.S to buy duct tape. Then you stop and think to yourself and wonder how many people wasted there money on this tape. .
             Magazines are another source of media about 85% of the magazines in the US tell the truth. Some examples of these truthful magazines are Newsweek and Time. Probably the most untruthful magazine in the Enquire. Only 10% of this magazine is true. The other 90%is a bunch of lies.
             My opinion of the media is, it is not for young children to be watching or reading alone. I think parents should talk to their children about what they think is going on in the world we live in.

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