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Summary of

            "The Things They Carried" is a book about a boy named Tim O"Brien. He works in a pig-cleaning factory where he uses his high-pressure water gun to declot pig meat. The stink staying with him for what seemed like an eternity. Upon being drafted to the war in Vietnam he looses control and leaves the stress of his life for a vacation up north. He leaves a note saying he will be back. He checks in to the Tip Top Lodge where he meets Elroy the manager of the Lodge. He is the only visitor there. Elroy and Tim become attached and Elroy knows exactly why he is there and what he came to do and cannot. One Day while fishing with Elroy. Elroy pulls the boat up to the northern shore of the river seemingly to taunt Tim with the opportunity to run to Canada. Elroy Forces Tim to confront himself in his quest for Canada away from the war. Tim however can't do it. He fears repercussions not only from his friends but also from his family and his countrymen. Tim the Coward he would hear in his mind over and over again. "Right then, with the shore so close, I understood that I would not do what I should do." Chapter 4, pg. 57. In this quote Tim O"Brien is only meters from the shore thinking about his escape nearly in tears as Elroy manipulates his fishing gear. "I survived, but it's not a happy ending. I was a coward. I went to the war." Chapter 4, pg. 61. This quote shows his mindset and the feelings about the war and his adamant opposition of it. Tim finds himself in the middle of a war with his friends Kiowa, Norman Bowker and Rat Kiley. Numerous acquaintances of his die throughout the story such as Ted Lavender and Norman Bowker. Ted lavender who routinely popped M&M's (I'm suspecting not candy but tranquilizers) was shot in the head and Norman Bowker upon returning being so scarred from the death of his friend Kiowa he eventually kills himself. The book continues to when Tim brings his daughter Kathleen back to Vietnam in 1990 and returns to the spot where Kiowa Died and wades out in the river and burry's Kiowa's Moccasins.

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