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Time Managent

            From reading through chapter six I have discovered that people's attitudes can change.
             the way a person can apply themself to a job. The techinques are available to people attitudes based.
             on there performance and what values that person have to commit to there job. One of the key terms.
             that follows from reading this chapter is that work ethic, attitude, and personal, social reasons. .
             All of these tie into what we believe that a person should work and develope throught there life.
             The attitudes that consistence of predisposition either favorable or unfavorable towards.
             a specific stimulus. While different attitudes are very stable, the general attitudes are more sus.
             ceptible to change. Researchers say that the degree to which more general attitudes can be changed.
             is related to phases of adulthood. The general attitudes are most stable for people in middle adult-hood.
             , while they are more amenable to change in the early and late adult-hood because people today tend to.
             be less self-assure about thereself and more open in these phases of their lives. Behavior and attitudes.
             influence each other. While it is intuitive to conclude that changes in attitudes drive behaviorm research.
             indicates that the reverse is true, changes to behavior drive changes in attitudes. When we get a surbordinate.
             to change her behavior we should find that his/her's experinces are some movement in her attitudes toward aligment.
             or conformity with her change in behavior.
             The beliefs are based on the work experinces and the people we have worked with have created .
             changes in us at various stages in our lives. Our experiences have taught us our individual sets of beliefs. The definiton .
             of belief, is a perception based on a conviction that certain things are true. Beliefs are also based on what seems to be true.
             or probable on ones own mind. This latter is a kind of belief is often called an opinion. Beliefs shape our attitudes, and our attitudes,.

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