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McDonalds company case study.

            Strategic direction and forces that are driving it.
             McDonald's developed its future scenarios around three strategies-customer convenience, customer value, and optimal operations.
             More than ever, McDonalds is focused on and committed to doing the right thing for the local communities in which the company operates and for the customers it serves. This philosophy of doing good and giving back has always been at the heart and soul of the McDonald's business -like french fries and hamburgers - and started with founder, Ray Kroc. Before there was even a name for "social responsibility," McDonald's was setting the standard, and they've been the leader ever since.
             As we deal with challenging economic and political climates around the world, McDonalds role as an employer and local business becomes even more important. The company remains steadfastly committed to addressing various social responsibility issues, policies, and practices within the McDonald's system that affect local communities and customers.
             McDonalds has made significant progress toward becoming a more socially responsible organization, but there is always work to be done. Through its 30,000 restaurants, its owner/operators and suppliers, the company continues to drive social responsibility that makes a difference.
             The critical success factors and core competencies of the company.
             McDonalds has quite a few success factors that make it such a global company:.
             q People Vision, which defines what the company strives for as an employer: "To Be the Best Employer in Each Community Around the World-.
             q People Promise to the 1.5 million people who work at McDonald's in 118 countries around the world and to all future employees: "We Value You, Your Growth and Your Contributions-.
             q McDonald's Corporate Diversity: .
             Top 25 Companies for People with Disabilities .
             Best Employer for Asians .
             Top 50 Places for Hispanic Women to Work .
             Fortune Magazine - Top Places for Minorities to Work .

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