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Of Mice and men

            Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" is a story about two lonely friends who have nobody but each other, and even that not for long, as intolerance among humans is again in action. All the dreams George and Lennie have had together about a bit of land with their own garden and the thought's of peace and having to work for no one are scattered, all the hope lost. After having to kill Lennie for his own good, George for the first time realizes how lonely and helpless he is without Lennie. Having the farm would make him always feel guilty, for it is because of him that Lennie is not there anymore. Also as his incident takes place at the time of the Great Depression, with poverty all over the country and people crying and dying for money, it is close to impossible for George to make all the money needed alone even with the help of Candy to buy land. But facing the facts that Lennie the person who could work as much as the two together is gone, it is impossible for George to maintain the place alone with the slight help of Candy. With both, the feeling of guilt and the inability of getting enough money as-well as the awareness of not being able to maintain the farm it is impossible for George to convince himself into buying a piece of land without his only companion.
             George could never bring it over his heart to buy the land without Lennie, the only person, he shared the dream with is now gone and has left a thought of guilt in Georges head knowing that he has killed him and is now unaided without him. In the first chapter John Steinbeck tells us about George and Lennie thinking about the future and filling their minds with happiness. He goes deeper into it telling the details about the bit of land they wanted, the house on a few acres and the rabbits which they were going to have along with a lot of other animals, their own rooms and the stove with the milk on it, which has cream so thick that one could cut it with a knife (1A, Steinbeck, Page 16-17).

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