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Henry Ford

             Henry Ford is the founder of the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford created a middle class and changed industry with the use of the assembly line, the institution of a five dollar a day minimum wage, and the invention of the dealer-franchise system to sell and service cars. He was more innovative when it came to the process making and distributing cars than the design of the car. Henry Ford was born on a farm near Dearborn, Michigan on July 30, 1863. His father, William, was an Irish farmer who had immigrated to America with his wife, Mary and bought a farm where Henry Ford grew up. When Henry Ford was 16, he left his home to find a job in Detroit. In Detroit, he was apprenticed to the owner of a small machine shop. During the apprenticeship, Ford spent his spare time designing his own automobiles. He used to build his own racing cars and even raced them himself. In 1896, Ford created his own "quadricycle." It was a buggy frame mounted onto four bicycle wheels with a small engine to power it. In 1903 Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company. Soon after the incorporation of the Ford Motor Company, the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers threatened Henry Ford. In 1911, after years of court battles, Ford won his case with the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers. Although Ford's backers claimed that the best way to make a profit was to build a car for the rich, he believed that he could sell more cars for less money and make a greater profit. He made cars available to not only the rich but the middle class families. Henry Ford was not the man to create or even first to employ the use of the assembly line, in which a worker would do one job over and over on different cars to create more cars in less time, Ford was mainly responsible for the adoption of it in the world of industry. "Ford"s assembly line alone threw America"s Industrial Revolution into overdrive"(Iacocca 2).

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