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            The book begins when John Harker, a young lawyer who travels to Count Dracula's castle, in the country of Transylvania. He is there to conclude a real estate transaction to Count Dracula, an old century vampire with a dark evil soul. On his journey to the castle Peasants warm him about where he's going and is given crosses and charms to protect him. When he finally arrives to Count Dracula's home Harker is pleased to know that Dracula's a well-educated and hospitable gentleman. However, after of a few days of Harkers stay he realizes he's trapped in Dracula's castle. Harker investigates the castle and finds out Dracula has supernatural powers. One day Harker is nearly attacked by female vampires. The vampires back away when the Count arrives and informs them that Harker is his possession. Harker, being afraid, tries to escape by climbing down the walls as he's seen Dracula do. .
             Meanwhile, Harkers fiancée Mina Murray, a practical, young, schoolmistress, writes to her best friend Lucy Westenra. Lucy informs Mina that she has three men who've proposed to her. One being, Dr. John Seward, a talented and young doctor, Arthur Holmwood, Lucy's fiancée and a friend to her other suitors, and a plain spokesman from Texas, who is also Lucy's suitor, named Quincey Morris. Even though Lucy was saddened by the fact she must reject two of the suitors, Lucy decides to engage with Holmwood. Mina decides to visit Lucy in England on the seaside town of Whitby.
             An accident occurs when a storm hits Whitby and a Russian ship is wrecked with all its crew disappeared and a captain dead. However, a large dog survives and comes to shore, only he disappears in the countryside. After the incident Lucy suddenly starts to sleepwalk. One night Mina finds Lucy in a cemetery at St. Mary's Church. Mina spots a dark shadow beside her with glowing red eyes bending over Lucy. As a result, Lucy becomes pale and ill, and has two tiny red marks on her throat, which Dr.

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