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Why we should and shouldn

             This question is one of the biggest controversies today. Man has this incredible thirst for knowledge, and exploring our own solar system satisfies that thirst, but still they want more. Man wants to find out where they come from and if there is other life in the universe. We want to know these things and man will spend great amounts of money to find this out. In the last decade biologists have uncovered evidence that Earth's earliest life may well have evolved not in warm lagoons, but in the dark ocean depths, near volcanic vents. Or perhaps it began even lower, inside rocks safe from meteors that attacked the early Earth. The same may have happened on Mars, and even sooner than here on Earth, because mars is smaller and may have cooled off faster. If so, life there would have had a brief season of warm and wet weather, perhaps several hundred million years, before the planet cooled and its atmosphere went away into space. We see evidence of this time on Mars surface today "carved river valleys, canyons, a vast flat plain that may have been an ocean bed. .
             Going to Mars could be an important moment in the 21st Century, as Apollo was for the 20th. It will be hard, tough, dangerous, and thrilling for man, but they love that thrill of knowledge. Many of the tasks that need to be done can not be done by robots. So there is the reason why we should send humans to Mars. Why should we not go to Mars?.
             This question is another part of the controversy today. One of the biggest reasons is the money we will need to do it. Space exploration comes at a high cost. It is said that NASA has spent at least $450 billion just in the last twenty years. And it would cost about $50 billion " less than four years of NASA budgets just to go Mars again by robot.

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