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My Personal Media Experience

            There are different aspects of media in this world. They are part and parcel in our daily lives. We are surrounded in a world of media. The age of technology is becoming more and more advanced. They had become much more comprehensive than in the past.
             Compared to the past, the Medias that I used were totally different. Mp3 player, an electronic music gadget that used song files that was encoded in Mp3 format, was virtually unknown six years ago, but now it's lying around anywhere in the world and it's popular among the young and old. Six years ago, I was using walkman, an electronic gadget that received radio station signals. There were no such things as Mp3 players.
             Personally, I used most of the main modes of media such as television, radio, newspaper and internet. But since becoming an overseas student in Australia, my attitude towards these Medias changed significantly. Back in my country, I usually used the television media to watch drama serials and news. In Australia, I practically used the television media to know what the weather forecast is for each day. The climatic conditions in Australia varied everyday, unlike in my country, rain or sunshine exist only. There's no Chinese television channel in Australia. I preferred watching Chinese serial dramas than to English serial dramas. I found that the television media in Australia was boring because it's lacking of variety in its television programmes.
             The radio media in Australia is less conservative than my country's radio media. Australia is influenced by western cultured whereas my country was an Islamic country, therefore it is more conservative. I usually listened to the radio during when I"m doing my assignments or listening for any latest music information. Few years back, I loved radio the most among all the main modes of media. I was deeply immersed in songs and singers information and I frequently tuned into radio stations.
             One of the present habits that I still remained unchanged was reading of newspapers.

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