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At the World Fair - 1904

             This picture depicts the different stages of human progress based on the Social Darwinist Theory - The Survival of the Fittest. This particular theory became part of western civilisation, which was trying to justify its intentions of imperialism and therefore gaining control over, in their eyes, "weaker cultures and nations". The factors determining the placement of the different nations, tribes or cultures were mainly derived from this nations economical, social and imperialistic influence on the world. Subsequently, nations with Anglo-Saxon cultural background was seen as the most developed and influential power in the world and set on first place whereas nations and cultures like Native Americans and African tribes were placed on a very low position. This was the effect of the international power European Nations and the USA gained during the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. Not only did all of these countries have the fortitude of becoming world powers that have influence on every economical, social and cultural aspect around the world but also Darwinism and its impact on the Anglo-Saxon culture played a significant role. By believing that they were the fittest nations on the planet due to economic achievements and growth and set up of an functional civilisation, which included democracy within society, they wanted to fulfil their so-called duty to "Improve all people" by showing the appropriate way and level of how society functions. This included total ignorance of different cultures and customs than the Anglo-Saxon one and placed these consequently lower. This lack of acceptance towards other approaches to live but the western one was part of this period which was based strongly on imperialism (expansion of colonies through naval power) and the theory of social Darwinism, which imposed that the people living within the "white and western" society had the responsibility to "civilize" the "unfit" nations and cultures in a way so they are operation their civilization the same way the western world does.

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