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Lord of the Flies- personal insight essay on book clubs

            Exploration of "the Lord of the Flies" Via Book Club.
             "Two heads are better than one: as the old saying goes. This holds true when the idea of having book club meetings over the novel "The Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. In groups the class shared with each other their insight and opinions on the novel. This novel was a good selection to discuss upon as the language utilized by the author captured the reader luring them into the story. The Lord of the Flies is an allegory so there are many hidden themes and symbolism within the novel, many of which could be found in quotes from the novel. These quotes led to many interesting interpretations and questions concerning them. The book club meetings were successful as it allowed readers to enrich their understanding and appreciation of the novel. .
             Many themes and symbols are embedded within this novel and through meetings one was able to acquire a more in depth understanding. These discussions revealed new themes that a reader alone would not be able to see such as the island the boys were trapped on as a microcosm of human society. The well-organized group falls apart as the lust for power and control destroys order. Janet found that the conch represents civilization and its binding rules so once it was broken, all the civil condition the boys had had was lost. Alan thought the sailor who rescues the boys was God as he saved them like God saved men. There are many other themes and symbols in the novel, many of which are from quotes.
             As part of the book club assignments, the students had to find quotes from the novel and discuss its significance. From within the quotes a person would able to find more symbolism and foreshadowing such as Piggy and Ralph being the only cultured ones in the end. They were the ones "left holding the conch"(Golding, 37) meaning they stayed the most civil since the conch represented rules and morals.

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